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Express Air Freight Services

You can’t afford for your cargo to be late. Neither can we. At Planemasters, your priority is our priority. Our success depends on our ability to deliver what you need when you need it – anytime, anywhere.

Loading cargo to an aircraft

We’re Committed to Delivering Our Clients’ Cargo

On Time

We provide thousands of flight hours of scheduled and on-demand express air freight service to industrial centers and remote locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Fleet

With a fleet of Cessna Caravans and Beechcraft 1900s aircraft, we provide over 70 scheduled flights weekly, serving 20 communities. We can deliver up to 6,000 pounds per plane, and we provide feeder service for some of the world’s top freight carriers, as well as ad-hoc freight charter service.

Our rates are competitive and cost-effective, and with more than 30 years in freight service, our track record stands alone.

Wherever You Want to Go, We’ll Take You There